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Genesee Athletics
Llyod Hurling
Llyod Hurling
Year: 1977
Team: Men's Basketball, Coach

The late Lloyd Huling was an outstanding athlete and coach at GCC. He was named an All Region Player for both basketball seasons and had 323 points and 229 rebounds while at Genesee. He was awarded the Douglas E. Evans award in 1977 and the GCC Coaches award for 1976-1977. He graduated from GCC with a degree in Political Science. He went on to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology. During his high school years at Attica Central School, Lloyd held the high scoring average in basketball from 1975-1996 and averaged 21 points per game. In addition to his player honors, he was the assistant women’s basketball coach where he led the team to their first Region III title. He also served as the head women’s softball coach at GCC.