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Genesee Athletics


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Time Activity Registration Begins Registration Ends Season Begins Season Ends Playoffs Championships
League Mon & Wed 7-9:30pm Basketball 5on5 Aug 21 Sept 15 Oct 2 Nov 15 Nov 27-29 Dec 4-6
League Tues 12:30-2pm (1/2 GYM) Badminton or Basketball Aug 21 Sept 7 Sept 12 Oct 31 Nov 2 Nov 7
League Tues 12:30-2pm (1/2 GYM) Volleyball Aug 24 Sept 7 Sept 12 Oct 31 Nov 2 Nov 7
OPEN GYM Thurs 12:30-2pm Basketball NONE NONE Aug 29 Dec 8
League Tues/Th 12:30-2pm Indoor Soccer Jan 15 Jan 31 Mar 27 April 19 Week of April 23 May 3
League Tues/Th 12:30-2pm Basketball 5on5 Jan 15 Jan 31 Feb 1 March 8 Week of March 19 TBA
League Tues/Th 12:30-2pm Flag Football Aug 21 Sept 7 Sept 16 Oct 30 TBA TBA
OPEN GYM M/W/F 11am-12pm NONE NONE Aug 29 Dec 8
OPEN GYM Sat/Sun 1pm-4pm Basketball NONE NONE Dec 8 NONE









Team Roster Sheet

I want to get the word out to people about Intramurals. Not just the players who are there semester-in and semester-out, but to the people who don`t think Intramurals is for them, but they're willing to give it a shot.
~ Jon Phillip

GCC offers a variety of intramural activities. The intramural program is designed to provide an active forum for all students, faculty and staff members.  It is a great opportunity to stay active and meet new people!

Upcoming and current events are posted throughout campus on a regular basis. Suggestions for new and creative programs are actively sought and appreciated.

Intramural Sports

GCC offers a total of 12 intramural sports throughout the year.  Sports are divided into two sections; fall and Spring Semester. For each semester, sports are divided into two modules.

Signup Sheet

Mission Statement

To provide students the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational sports and activities.  The activities enable participants to make new friends, stay physically fit, enjoy competition and improve personal health.  It is our hope participation in intramural sports will allow individuals experience with teamwork, leadership skills, and personal achievement to help create a positive enjoyable experience at GCC.

Open Gym

The Gymnasium is open to all students, staff and faculty during the following hours. Equipment such as basketballs, volleyballs, badminton racquets, soccer balls, etc. is provided. Activities will be run by student demand- example: we will NOT pull out badminton racquets and nets if only two people are interested.”

Policies and Procedures

  • Rules will be explained at the start of each intramural activity.
  • Open sign up will be available. Teams will be created at the start of a game.
  • Students are expected to act as adults
  • Intramural Leagues generally run for about 4 weeks of round-robin play, followed by a single elimination tournament. Any team that does not forfeit out of the league makes it to play-offs.  Teams have 1-2 games a week, based on the team availability.


  • Open gym policies will be displayed during open hours
  • Students must show their GCC ID and sign in


GCC Intramurals Evaluation Form



Christie McGee-Ross
Intramural Sports Director 
585-343-0055 x6450

INTRAMURAL SPORTS  2014-2015 SCHEDULE 2016-2017                          
League/Tournament   Activity   Registration Begins Registration Ends Season Begins Season Ends  Playoffs    Championships  
League  Mon. & Wed 7-9:30pm 8-10:00pm Basketball 5on5  Aug.22nd    Sept.23rd    Oct.2nd   Nov.9th  Nov. 14th    Nov. 21st    
League Tues. 12:30-2:00pm Badminton 1/2 gym Aug.22nd    Sept.8th    Sept.13th    Oct.18th          
League  Tues.12:30-2pm Volleyball 1/2 gym Aug. 22nd   Sept.8th    Sept.13th   Oct.18th           
  Open Gym Thurs. 12:30-2pm Mon.7pm   Basketball Basketball   none   none   Sept.6th                           End of the semester NONE    
League  Tues./Th. 12:30-2pm Indoor Soccer Jan. 17th   Feb. 13th    Mar.2nd    Apr. 20th Week of Apr. 25th  May 2nd    
  Mon.-Wed.. 7-10pm Basketball 5on5  Jan.17th   Feb 13th   Mar.8th   April 20th Week ofApril 25th May 1st    
League  Saturdays 9-11am Flag Football   Aug. 22nd    Sept.8th    Sept.10th   Oct.22nd Oct.29th   Nov.5th    
League Open Gym  Sat./Sun.1pm-4pm Basketball   None   None       End of the semster /Last day of class NONE